Special Services

Supply Chain Management

Jade Shipmanagement intends to utilize effectively and efficiently a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, stores and repair workshops,Ship Repair yards so that these services are distributed and delivered to the required locations on time and with best quality.
Service Level Agreements will be negotiated with these service providers to achieve long term benefit for Ship Owners, Ship Managers and vendors.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Jade Shipmanagement are experienced to carry out Pre-purchase inspection to assist our clients in assessing the vessel condition for purchase.
We utilize our varied experience and professional knowledge to make a detailed assessment of the vessel which is promptly conveyed to Owners through a detailed inspection report showing the last performance on board equipment and the vessel overall.
Almost every part of the vessel will be endeavored to be inspected (depending on cargo operations) so that an accurate assessment is conveyed to the potential buyers. The inspection report comprises of a detailed description of every equipment condition and performance. A set of photographs of Ballast tanks, Cargo holds, Decks, Hatch covers, Hatch coamings, Shipside and other hull locations is provided with this report. In addition, photographs of all machineries and other equipment inspected on board are included in the report. Documentation such as Summary status of all certificates, Overhaul records, Class Records, last thickness gauging reports and other important documents are also included. This comprehensive report conveys to the potential buyer the true value of the vessel.

Audits and Inspections

Our experienced Auditors and Inspectors carry out detailed review of system and activity on board vessels.An in-depth attention is paidto the specific areas as per requirement of the Owners /interested party.

Agency Services

Jade ShipmanagementLimited, provides Ship agency services to Owners in the port of Hong Kong.

Port Captaincy

Our experienced team of Master Mariners and Cargo Officers support vessels during her port calls and assist the ship's staff -
      • Stevedoring supervison
      • Cargo stowage planning and best utilization of cargo space,
      • Assisting in faster turn around of the vessel
      • Faster and accurate reporting to the Owners / Charterers on daily basis
      • Attending vessel during her cargo loading and discharging operations,
      • Assisting in coordination Owners, Shippers, charterers and stevedores,
      • Assiting vessel with stevedore damage reports
      • Assisting the vessel with Hold Cleaning and disposal of residue ashore in an environment friendly manner.