New Building

In our New building division, we encompass commercial as well as technical support to our Clients. We provide comprehensive service for New Building and Conversion projects. As the gestation period in shipbuilding is long and the costs involved are gigantic, we help Owners in every possible way to speculate the market conditions at delivery even before they order new buildings. Time and cost being crucial factors which can wipe out the projected profit margins of Ship Owners our New building team monitors very closely the schedule and milestones projected by the shipyard. Simultaneously the focus on quality and safety is maintained during the course of New building milestones. Our New building team will discuss the requirements of the Owners with the respective yard in order to build the ship within the new building specification as well as to fit into the Charterers requirements. Such a concept is known to have built a strong long term relationship between the Charterer, Ship owner and the yard.

Our New building team comprises of very experienced and qualified Site Managers, Machinery Supervisors, Hull Inspectors and Paint Inspectors. This team has experience of New Building projects in China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Europe and Vietnam. Our new building team has extensive experience in on-site supervision and plan approvals of Bulk carriers, Containerships, Tankers, Offshore Supply Vessels and anchor handling tugs, LPG and Ethylene Carriers.

Over the years, viewing from Owners and Class perspective, we have gained extensive expertise to cater the requirements of the Owners in the New Building sector of the industry.

Our new building and conversion team can provide –
      • Consultancy in ship design and development
      • Shipyard selection and assessment of the yard
      • Specification review in detail and technical development
      • Makers selection and sourcing of materials and equipment
      • Commercial contract negotiation
      • Project Management and Construction Site supervision
      • Plan approvals
      • Specialized coating supervision
      • Specialized engine building supervision
      • Structural and outfitting inspections and monitoring
      • Liaising of guarantee claims and after sales service.